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Representation by the New Zealand Society of Endocrinology Incorporated

NZSE Members may represent the Society in various other organisations. These are provided for your information, so that if you wish to communicate with, or make a submission to, these organisations through the society, you may do so via the appropriate representative.


The rules of the New Zealand Society of Endocrinology Incorporated

Amended July 2015

Changes to the constitution were made to ensure representation of both basic science and clinical members on the NZSE Management Committee, and to allow electronic voting for the election of Committee candidates by NZSE members.


Amended January 2011

Following the most recent NZSE annual general meeting (held in December 2010), a number of changes were made to the constitution. These are as follows:

  • The current NZSE rule states: (10.1.4) “To appoint an Honorary Auditor and Honorary Treasurer, for the coming year.” Because of a recent law change, incorporated societies are required to file a financial statement to The Societies Register within one month of the AGM but they do not need to be audited. Rule 10.1.4 has therefore been removed from the constitution.
  • There will no longer be an option of Corporate Membership of the Society, although engagement with Corporate Bodies such as Scientific and Pharmaceutical companies will still occur, e.g. meeting participation and sponsorship.
  • Applications for new FULL members will no longer require a proposer and seconder, but will still be subject to final approval by the management committee. In the case of student memberships, proof of student status and support from an existing full member will be required.