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Missed the online minisymposium: PCOS updates from the lab and the clinic?

On 15 June, Associate Professor Rebecca Campbell (University of Otago) and Dr Stella Milsom (Fertility Associates and University of Auckland) presented on the underlying causes and clinical management of polycystic ovarian syndrome – the leading cause of female infertility. You can view a video recording of the presentations and the… Read More

1-year free NZSE membership

As a thank you to all our members for their ongoing support for the NZSE and in light of the events of the global pandemic and the impact this has had on all of us, NZSE would like to give something back to our members.  We are giving all current… Read More

Missed the NZSE online minisymposium? Here it is…

Whilst waiting for the time when large in-person meetings can occur again, NZSE staged some of its regular plenary lectures online. On 19th October we held a mini-symposium featuring presentations from University of Auckland and Liggins Institute Professors Paul Hofman “Developmental origins of health and disease and its impact on… Read More

CANCELLED: combined NZSE+ESA+SRB+APEG meeting, Christchurch 2020

Well, not completely cancelled; just deferred for a couple of years. The ESA-SRB-APEG-NZSE meeting was scheduled for November 1-4 in Christchurch, New Zealand. As a result of COVID-19 induced working restrictions in New Zealand, construction was delayed and the new convention centre will now not be completed until 2021. Read More

NZSE at MedSci 2020

This year, the focus of NZSE is the combined meeting with ESA in Christchurch (our annual award lectures and prizes will be presented there). However, NZSE will still have a presence at MedSci 2020, and will host a symposium on “Life stage effects on obesity and metabolic health”. Watch… Read More

Save the date: combined NZSE+ESA+SRB+APEG meeting, Christchurch 2020

Registration now open! Early bird and abstract deadline: 17 July 2020.   NZSE would like to encourage clinical and basic science members to attend this combined meeting with the Aussie endocrinologists, reproductive biologists and paediatricians.   The 2020 Annual Scientific Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia (ESA),… Read More