About Us

Welcome to The New Zealand Society of Endocrinology. We are a non-profit national Society composed of students, scientists, clinicians and other health practitioners who have an interest in any aspect of Endocrinology including but not restricted to fundamental scientific research and clinical practice.

Membership of the NZSE is composed of a broad cross-section of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Endocrinology is an evolving field, integrating a wide variety of scientific and clinical disciplines with a central goal of understanding, diagnosing, and treating endocrine diseases. Examples of these multiple disciplines include clinical practice, biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, genetics, nutrition, physiology, neuroscience, immunology and psychology

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Why join The New Zealand Society of Endocrinology?

The overall aim of the NZSE is to provide a National Identity for Clinical Endocrinologists and the Scientific Community.

  • We aim to provide a mechanism for interacting directly with regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Health and Pharmac over clinical issues.
  • We aim to foster collaborations between scientists, clinicians and students from all corners of New Zealand.
  • We aim to facilitate the exchange of information amongst members and to facilitate communication with other national and international organisations interested in Endocrinology.
  • We support and mentor emerging Scientists and Clinicians and recognise and acknowledge high quality scientific achievements and excellence in Endocrinology within New Zealand.

How do we do this?

  • We offer an Annual Meeting.
  • We offer travel awards for students and early career members. More information is available on Travel awards.
  • We recognise achievements within the field of Endocrinology with awards.


We are governed by a Management Committee of 10 members, who are elected every three years by a ballot of the membership in accordance with the constitution


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