New Zealand Society of Endocrinology

We are a non-profit national Society composed of students, scientists, clinicians and other health practitioners who have an interest in any aspect of Endocrinology.


Membership of the NZSE is composed of a broad cross-section of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Endocrinology is an evolving field, integrating a wide variety of scientific and clinical disciplines with a central goal of understanding, diagnosing, and treating endocrine diseases.




REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the 2016 NZSE Clinical Endocrinology Conference (26-28 August)​ and the MedSci Congress (29-31 August). These meetings will be held back-to-back in Nelson.


Job vacancies

Medical Director and Service Clinical Director positions in Auckland DHB. See

Samuel Leonard Simpson fellowships in endocrinology to fund visits the UK. See


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